VTU Business

Attention: This page is for anyone that is 100% serious about making money from selling Virtual Top Up (VTU) of major GSM network operators in Nigeria.

Learn The Secrets On How To Make Money As A VTU Airtime Vendor in Nigeria Starting With As Low As ₦3,000. Discover How To Make Repeated Income Greater Than Your Monthly Income Within Few Days VENDING MAJOR GSM NETWORKS VTU AIRTIME – Guaranteed

Selling or vending Virtual Top Ups (VTU) or Mobile Topups of major telecommunication companies such as MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat is now easy and opened to anyone that is serious about making money in telecommunications.

I want you to know that telecommunication is a multi billion naira industry in Nigeria. Let me ask you something;

Do you know that one of the world richest men, Carlos Slim is in the telecommunication industry and other world richest men are either in the business or buying over successful telecommunication companies around the world.

Can you remember a time Celtel changed to Zain, Zain changed to Airtel? It’s to show how people are buying into this business. Here is a question for you;

Where and How do you buy airtime for your phone? Recharge card, website (Quickteller) or airtime top up from your bank internet plaform? Most of the time is recharge card! Abi? Don’t be surprised I asked you such a question. The truth is that if you are still buying recharge card, airtime from a website or from your bank internet platform then you are seriously loosing money.

Did you say how?Have you heard about Virtual Top Up (VTU)? if you have, have you been using it ? Do you know you could actually be making money for any airtime amount you purchase for yourself or for another person?Do you observe now that our banks in Nigeria are offering us VTU service via their internet banking platform? This simply means from your bank account balance, you can top up your mobile phone.

I see a lot of students queue up on ATMs to do recharge or Top up. They think by doing Top up they are ‘TAKING ALL’ their money from their accounts and leaving none for the bank but they don’t really know that they are enriching their banks. Really funny!

Listen to me, when you top up your phone airtime via your bank account on ATM or any other means, your bank makes as a little as 5% from your purchase and sadly you make 0%. Now, if you multiply 5% commission made by banks by millions of bank customers nationwide from every VTU transaction you know the obscene amount I am talking about. The question is, what do you make from these obscene amounts (which includes your money) which the banks makes very day?

The VTU vending is a HIGLHY LUCRATIVE Business and smart Nigerians like me have joined because it is easy. The Truth is that you can do this VTU vending business…Without Having A Certificate. Without A Computer. Without A HUGE Capital. Without Having a website. Without Having to Register a Business name. Hard to believe? With Jejeguy Empire Concept, you will learn how to become a VTU agent that can dispense MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo  24/7 and make money, pay for cable TV bills for your customers and make money. Start-Up Your Very Own VTU Airtime Business – Tips To Fuel You Through Thoroughly!! VTU WEALTH MASTER PACKAGE Your Guide to becoming a Major VTU Agent!Learn secrets which can enable your profits to overflow and keep your VTU vending business erect!

–How to start your VTU vending business without Breaking the Bank
–Where and how to download the GSM Airtime Mobile Application. Don’t get scammed by the so-called gurus!
–How to start vending VTU for all major GSM networks with as low ₦3,000 to ₦5,000. You don’t need huge capital to start.
–How to start selling GSM airtime on your website like Quickteller
–How to solve your problem of looking for cash balance (change) after transactions. No customer will reject such offer!
–How to target the right market.

How much will this cost you to sign up? JUST ₦3,000 ONLY (For Airtime VTU Account (₦2,400.00 balance) the other ₦600.00 as set up cost)

How to get started

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