Q: What is DYH?

Ans: DYH means Double Your Hustle.

Q: What is this platform all about?

Ans: Jejeguy Empire is a news, media and income program platform created mainly for youths who need another means to create daily income for themselves.

Q: How can I join this platform?

Ans: To join this platform is easy, all you have to do is register with your details and get approved instantly as a free member or pay the sum of ₦1,500 by purchasing one of our DYH Pack to upgrade your account as an affiliate. 

Q: What do I need to join this platform? 

Ans: All you need is an internet enabled smartphone, Bank account to transfer your earnings to, a working email address and sum of ₦1,500 If you are joining as an affiliate. 

Q: How can will earn on this platform?

Ans: If you register as a member, you earn by taking part in our daily activities, login into your account, reading and commenting on news, shared sponsored post, post an article, refer your friend to join. This are the 5ways you can earn with JIP

Q: How much is affiliate upgrading fee?

Ans: Upgrading fee for Affiliates is ₦1,500

Q: I don’t have any money to upgrade my account, can I still earn from the platform? 

Ans: Yes, you can earn from the platform as a free member when you partake in the day to day activities on the platform, we’ll share our ads revenue with you monthly. 

Q: Am a free member, can I refer people to join this platform with my referral link?

Ans: Yes, you can refer people with your referral link, but you won’t be able to withdraw your referral earnings unless you upgrade your account. 

Q: What if my prospect upgrade there account and am still a free member, will I still be able to earn commission from them?

Ans: Yes, you will earn commission as a free member on all of your prospect but you won’t be able to withdraw your commission unless you upgrade your account. 

kindly refer to our terms and conditions to help you understand more. 

Q: How can I setup my bank account details?

Ans: On your account dashboard, click on “Profile” a drop down menu will appear, click on “Payment setting” to set up your bank account details. 

Q: How can I request for withdrawal?

Ans: On your account dashboard, click on Withdrawal, read our withdrawal terms and conditions, scroll down to locate the withdrawal form, fill as appropriate and submit your request. Avoid submitting your withdrawal request twice.