Can we actually make money online legitimately…

Hello guys! Today, I will be discussing with you on this question people keep asking me, if actually we can make money online legitimately. 

My answer to the question is always yes, I’ve been on the internet since 2009, with the little knowledge I’ve gained in the course of networking, I can confidently confirm that there are numerous way in which we can make money online without going against the law of the country, that’s if you look in the right place. 

When I started networking in 2009, some of my colleagues then, ventured into YAHOO, but me as a person vow to make money on the internet legitimately. 

Making money online in Nigeria is the coolest way and easiest way of making a living. 

There are businesses you can ventured into online which can fetch you up-to ₦50,000 – ₦100,000 monthly. 

There are so many platforms online you can make money from, one of this platform is JEJEGUYEMPIRE INCOME PROGRAM(JIP)

 JIP in conjunction with Jejeguyempire Concept, a news and media platform create this platform to help students curb financial difficulty they face in school. 

As a student, you don’t need to depend on parents to provide anything for you, including pen, don’t be too dependent. 

This is why JIP is created to help students solve some minor financial needs, and if you put in more effort into it, you can make as much as 100k from this platform monthly. 

So, what is JIP all about?

JIP is a two way platform; I. A news and media platform where you can get latest gist happening around us, updates in the world of entertainment, politics, sports, fashion etc. Be rest assured of getting 100% genuine news from this platform. 

II. JIP is also an income program platform where you join/register with a one time payment of ₦1,500 and you can earn for life. 

How to earn with JIP

Earning with JIP is very simple, after joining the platform, all you have to do is take part in the day to day activities on the site to earn, activities include login in daily, reading and commenting on news as much as you can, sharing of sponsored Post, posting of article daily, you can also invite your friends to join and you get commission for doing so. 

How much exactly can we earn taking part in the activities 

You can earn with JIP in 5 ways, the 5ways are:-

  1. Login in daily – ₦50 per day 
  2. Reading and commenting on news – ₦2 per comment(you can comment as much as you can) 
  3. Sharing of sponsored post as required – ₦100 per day. 
  4. Submitting a post and the post got approved – ₦100 per day. 
  5. Inviting your friends to take part in the program and you get ₦1,000 per person you bring and the person activate his/her account.

With all this earning opportunities, you can be make between 50k – 100k monthly. 

How to join JIP

Joining JIP is very simple and easy, all you have to do is visit to register, input your details and click on submit, this will take you to the product page where you will purchase JIP products pack call “DYH Pack” to activate your account. After your order is complete and confirm, you can login to your account to start earning. 

How to purchase DYH Pack and what is DYH

DYH means Double Your Hustle, DYH Pack is a virtual products you purchase in order for you to activate your account. 

How to pay for the product. 

Presently, there are two payments methods to choose from, Payment through Paystack or purchasing of coupons code from one of JIP accredited agent. 

Follow the instructions below to purchase with coupon code;

Purchase coupon code from JIP accredited agent, Agent Fawaz, you can whatsapp him on 08140261556 to buy your code. 

On the product page, click on “ADD TO CART”
On the next page, add your coupon to the space above, click on “Apply Coupon” to check the authenticity of the code, after confirmation click on “Proceed to checkout”
On the next page, enter your billing details to proceed, on the postcode/ZIP, you can input any 5 random number. 
You should receive this message on the next page for the confirmation of your order. 

Wait for like 2min, then logging into your account and start making money. 

Follow the instructions below to purchase through Paystack payment gateway;

From the instructions above, click on add to cart to add your package, on the next page click on proceed to check as shown with arrow in the picture below 

On the next page, enter your billing details and don’t forget to accept our terms and conditions as shown below 

Click on place order, this will take you to the next page as shown below 

Click on pay now to proceed 
Choose how you want to make your payment and follow the instructions on the next page. 

After your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your order, you can then logging into your account. 

Minimum payout on JIP is ₦2,000. If your earnings has reached the threshold, you can request for withdrawal, withdraw is open from 1st of every month to 24th of every month when payment started. 

Payment will start by 25th of every month to the end of the months. 

You can visit the website how it works page here to find out more on this program. 

Stay tuned for more other interesting articles coming soon. Stay Bless!!! 

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