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Agro-allied or Agro-Based Industries

By: Desmond Jasper

Agro-Allied or Agro-Based industries
Meaning: Agro-Allied industries also called Agro-Based industries are industries which depend on agriculture for their raw materials in order to operate successfully.
In other words, agro-based industries require the supply of agricultural raw materials in order to provide some finished products that are essential for human and animal consumption.

Summary of Agro-based Industries and Raw materials used in each Industry.
Agro – based Industries – Raw materials Used
(1) Oil mill – Oil seeds
(2) Soap industry – Oil seeds/oil
(3) Cigarette/tobacco – Tobacco leaves
(4) Textile/Ginnery – Cotton
(5) Breweries – Cereals
(6) Fruit canning – Fruits
(7) Paper industry – Pulpwood
(8) Sugar industry – Sugar cane
(9) Plywood/saw mill – Wood
(10) Floor mill – Cereal/grains
(11) Starch – Cassava, maize
(12) Tyre – Rubber latex
(13) Feed mill – Groundnut, maize
(14) Beverage – Cocoa, tea, coffee


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